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Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery: Massive Transformation of the Star

There are probably no people left in this world who haven’t heard about Nicki Minaj. We all know that this legendary rap superstar rose to fame instantly and has been on the top chart since then. Many Nicki Minaj fans have wondered numerous times whether or not she had any work done on her body and her face. Even though, she denies having any kind of plastic surgery on her face. We want you to find out more about Nicki Minaj before plastic surgery. There are plenty of reasons for people to suspect the possibility that this singer went under the knife, mainly because of her unique features. It is almost impossible for a person to have such a small waist, wide hips, enormous breasts, and also big booty naturally. One can regard this kind of image of Nicki Minaj on social media, Instagram, etc.

nicki minaj after and before plastic surgery

How did Nicki Minaj manage to change so much in her appearance?

Having such an incredible career is a dream come true for any performer, but apart from being a talented rapper Nicki Minaj catches our eye with her far from plain looks.
All of us remember that Nicki Minaj before plastic surgery had certain problems with the law when she was caught possessing a gun. In those pictures, it is quite obvious that the face of the famous rap star had changed drastically over the years, but still, Nicki Minaj is in denial.

When we look at the singer’s nose, it is obvious that with years it became slimmer on the sides (it used to be wider, without a doubt). Nicki denies the fact that the surgeons worked hard on her nose, and she states that it is simply a very good makeup artist that works on her. Whether or not the singer is lying, it is difficult to deny that the job was well done.

Is there any natural beauty left in the rap singer Nicki Minaj?

The moment when we watched Nicki Minaj after the release of her new album back in 2010 it was very difficult to not notice her bright and shiny teeth. Nicki Minaj seemed so confident with her newly made veneers that at the provocative question from the interviewer about whether or not her teeth were fake, she smiled and asked the interviewer the very same question. What a dive, right? And how can we avoid the topic of Nicki Minaj before plastic surgery regarding her enormous breasts?
All of her fans have noted that Nicki’s boobs looked fuller and fuller, increasing their size as the decades went by. Some say that Nicky may have some kind of hormonal therapy, and she hides the fact that this medication, hormones, changed the size of her boobs. But let’s be real, plastic surgery on the boobs is the more obvious answer to it.

Show us your booty, princess, is it for real?

There have been plenty of rumors about Nicki Minaj’s butt implants, and there is nothing weird about it. Naturally, her butt can not be such an enormous size, that is why it didn’t come as a shock to reporters when during one of Nicki Minaj’s concerts her great and enormous butt cracks her pants and almost exploded. In a couple of famous interviews for magazines and even in an interview on a talk show, Nicki Minaj had stated that it is incredibly difficult for her to find proper size clothes. Her waist is very thin and in the contrast to her enormous butt, she can not find proper pants for her. It doesn’t only go for her clothes during her performance on stage live, but also is not comfortable for her everyday looks and appearances. No wonder so many wardrobe people are working for this talented diva and improving her style daily.

dolce gabanna

Plastic surgery on the hips or just natural curves?

naked stars

Nicki Minaj before plastic surgery seemed to have such thin legs, but since her butt was so huge, she decided to put implants in her hips as well. Some rumors even say that Nicki Minaj had transferred her stomach fat to her hips to have a more natural look and to make her total body figure appear well-shaped and proportional. Certain theories from the reporters had stated that one of the surgeries that Nicki Minaj had didn’t go as well as planned, and therefore she had to get under the knife a couple of times in a row. We can not know for sure whether or not it is true, but looking at this curvy figure, we can say without a doubt that with Nicki Minaj – everything is possible. Even her hip surgery allegedly happened in the year 2016.

Flawless skin – injections or great genetics?

Plenty of fans of Nicki Minaj has noticed that she doesn’t have any wrinkle on her face at all. It seems weird regarding the fact that Nicki Minaj is in her 30s already. We can not say without a doubt that her genetics was bad, but still, such a wrinkle-free face can only be made by botox injections that are made on the regular basis. As we stated, Nicki Minaj says that her face-care routine is just ideal, with plenty of serums, moisturizers, creams, cleansers, etc, but we can not trust her for sure.
Most of us have started noticing small wrinkles on our faces when we hit 30, but this rap star just seems to look flawless even when the years go by. Maybe she drinks some magic potion or she sold her soul, no details were given to us. But jokes aside – botox probably is the answer.

Everything is fake or not – has the answer only God!

fake hollywood star

Apart from all the rumors and controversial interviews, Nicki Minaj stated that her self-esteem only increases with it. To our astonishment, this talented music star says that she doesn’t mind people chatting and discussing her appearance and her music.
“I love the attention that I am getting for my appearance. What’s so bad with people discussing my hips or breast size? I don’t see any problem with it. As long as they are discussing Nicki Minaj I am totally fine with the whole concept of it. Talk about me as long as you want to, it doesn’t affect my talent or my performance at all, maybe even helps.”
How can you not admire such an attitude from a younger superstar?
This woman inspires people from all over the world. She started as an unknown waitress from the Bronx, New York, and right now she is a worldwide phenomenon.


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Whether or not she had some help with her appearance along the way – she is beautiful and talented for sure!

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