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Nicotinic Acid: How a Simple Drug from the Drugstore Can Help Your Hair and Skin

Nicotinic acid, which can be found in almost every pharmacy, also known as vitamin PP, is a B vitamin. In the body it is involved in oxidative reactions, protein and amino acid metabolism, hydrogen transport and tissue respiration. Vitamin PP also dilates small blood vessels and improves blood microcirculation. Let’s decipher what this all means and why you should add the acid to your shopping list.

How Nicotinic Acid works.

Let’s focus on how nicotinic acid will benefit your curls. To answer in one word: huge. Vitamin PP dilates peripheral blood vessels, and activates metabolic processes in tissues, which prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth. And the pros do not end there: nicotinic acid restores damaged hair follicles and awakens new ones, strengthens roots, reduces sebum production and increases protein synthesis, which makes hair thicker.

Nicotinic acid can also be used to treat skin problems and rashes. According to a study, using a vitamin PP cream for two months reduces facial age spots and evens out skin tone. Another analysis of the properties of niacin showed that it helps to regulate lipid metabolism, which improves overall skin condition and reduces rashes and redness. It also works against age-related changes by reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

How to use it?


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For hair. At the pharmacy, nicotinic acid is sold in ampoules, each designed for one application, or in a bottle with a dispenser. The product should be applied to wet hair after washing. It is necessary to evenly distribute the contents of the ampoule or a little liquid from the bottle over the entire head and rub into the hair roots with massaging movements. Rinse the solution is not necessary. Such a course can be carried out for two months every two or three days.

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