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Vitamin C found to improve attention, motivation and reaction time

A new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition found Vitamin C supplementation improved attention, work motivation, and reaction time in young adults.

The study’s details

50 adults between the ages of 20 and 39, who did not currently use any supplements and who had a Vitamin C blood serum concentrations below 50 umol/L, participated in this 4 week study. The study participants were randomized to receive either 500 mg of Vitamin twice daily or a placebo. Fasting blood samples were taken to measure the changes in this Vitamin blood serum levels.

Vitamin C

Questionnaires were used to measure attention and fatigue. A Stroop Colour-Word test was used as a measurement of cognitive functions like information processing speed and attention. Also the researches found that B Vitamins protect against Metabolic Syndrome.

Vitamin C increases activity scores

An increase of 106% in the mean value of serum this Vitamin concentrations were seen in the group supplementing with this Vitamin. All participants supplementing achieved optimal Vitamin C status (Vitamin levels above 50 umol/L). No increases in this Vitamin blood serum levels were seen by participants who supplemented with the placebo.

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Increases in Vitamin C blood serum levels were associated with significant improvements in both work motivation and attention. Attention scores increased significantly from 7.1 (+/- 1.8) to 9.0 (+/-2.4) in the Vitamin supplement group with little change seen in the placebo group,7.7 (+/ -2.1) to 8.0 (+/-2.0). Attention scores were also higher for the Vitamin C supplement group when compared with their baseline scores.

Vitamin C

Work motivation also increased significantly in the Vitamin C supplement group at the end of the study from 22.4 (+/- 4.9) to 24.6 (+-5.5). Researchers believe enhanced attentional focus contributed to feelings of improved concentration and motivation. Improvements in reaction time while performing cognitive task was also seen. We know that Vitamin E is useful for women’s health.


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Researchers explained Vitamin C modulated the effects on hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain which explained the improvements seen in the supplementation group.

Further research is needed.

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