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Vitamin E supplementation can improve hormonal metabolic parameters in PCOS patients

According to a new meta-analysis and systematic review published in the journal Scientific Vitamin E supplementation may affect PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) patient’s hormonal and metabolic parameters in a positive way.

The latest study about Vitamin E supplementation

PCOS is a common disease of the endocrine gland and occurs in women of reproductive age. PCOS is associated with certain metabolic disorders like Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM), high blood pressure (Hypertension), high cholesterol (dyslipidemia), cardiovascular disease (CVD), and atherosclerosis.

Vitamin E supplementation

A total of 12 studies which involved randomized controlled trials were reviewed for this study. Participants were all above 18 years of age, diagnosed with PCOS and either receiving a real Vitamin supplement or a placebo.

4 of the 12 studies were evaluated for pre and post vitamin supplementation and evaluated participant’s testosterone levels. A significant decrease in this hormone was seen between the control groups and the intervention groups.

7 of the 12 studies looked at Vitamin E and its impact on BMI (body mass index). 2 of these 7 studies showed a small decrease in BMI levels after this Vitamin and CoQ10 supplementation. As result, weight changes were insignificant.

3 of the 12 studies showed promising results on HOMA scores. Additionally changes in insulin levels and insulin resistance parameters were also seen, however Vitamin E alone did not show a similar impact. Read about how B Vitamins protect against Metabolic Syndrome.

Vitamin E in the oil


Based on the overall review results Vitamin E was shown to decrease both testosterone and LH levels and also increase progesterone and FSH levels. No significant changes in estradiol or DHEAS levels were seen with this supplementation.

Researchers concluded that Vitamin E supplementation positively affects hormonal and metabolic parameters in patients diagnosed with PCOS. By the way, Omega-3 is also useful for your health.

Further studies are needed.

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