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Humble your hustle or how to interact online

While you might be Miss Independent, nothing truly gets done alone. Behind every strong boss lady is a support system. Whether that’s a spouse, family, a great group of friends, a marketing manager, or a business coach-none of us are doing this thing completely on our own. It can feel that way so often, but it’s really important to acknowledge the people and the tools that helped us. In order to do that-you have to humble your hustle.

It can often feel like by giving credit, we are giving up power. In the instance that we admit we didn’t do it alone-we are risking our reputation in some way. We live in such a fast-paced world and with more access to one another than ever, it’s easy to be inspired.

It’s also really easy to be intimidated.

In this industry, we are all working so diligently to ensure we are impressive. We work so hard on trying to do the most-that we often forget to give credit where it’s due.

The way you interact online can often be your strongest networking tool. Because so many people know you based strictly on your Instagram or Facebook account, it’s a kind of first impression. People will use the way you address your platform to create an opinion about you. Being consistent with vendor tags, authentic captions, and your engagement will increase your following. It can also lead you to more clients! Treating each other fairly within our own profession is important. The only thing you harm by neglecting credit is the relationships with those vendors, friends, or clients you left out.

Here are some tips on how you can pay it forward, by praising your foundations!

If you picked up someone else’s trick, credit the source. Remember when you wrote essays and had to provide citations? In a social media world, life is a lot like that. Say you pick up a new tip from someone on Instagram and decide to share with your own following. The best practice is to share with the original resource tagged. By providing that information as your own, you are being disingenuous. Instead of tooting your own horn, toot the sources’!
If you use someone else’s images, credit the source. I know this one should go without saying, but you would be surprised! As a photographer, I’m always overjoyed when my work gets shared. All I ask for is a simple tag. It’s easy to snag something with a screen shot, slap a filter on it, and call it your own–but there are major repercussions if you are ever caught. While photography may be art, it is still copyrighted and protected. Be sure if you’re using someone else’s work (that you did not pay them for… i.e. second shooters/assistants), that you are crediting them in full. Tag them! Especially if they are your friends.

If you were taught something, credit the source. I realize that in this day and age, there are very few original ideas anymore. I believe many people have similar ideas, unique to them and their network of people.

It’s just a lot easier for those ideas to travel now.

Anything you post in your stories can be viewed and adopted into someone else’s lifestyle. With a plethora of workshops and conferences out there-knowledge has never been more accessible. Being an educator within the industry, I realized the hard way that most people aren’t looking to simply learn from you. They expect to leave with what they think you have, a shortcut, a cheat sheet to what you do, and they want the quickest ticket to board the imitation train. While this sounds harsh, I’ve been burned, but I’ve learned so much from it. Imitation is not even a little cute. Being part of a community of like-minded people with similar practices that you attribute some of your success to? Gorgeous.

As passionate as I am about the above, I know I can always do better myself. I’m challenging myself this Fall to be more engaged with my following. Not just to strike up new relationships, but to solidify ones that have carried me through the last seven years of my career (this month!). Get ready to see some stellar highlights as I shout the praises of all the people who have cheered me on and helped AKP become what it is now.

How are you going to humble your hustle this Fall?

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