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I Can’t Take 5-LMTHF, So Now What?

MTHFR mutation is becoming more and more talked about, but almost every doctor and article says “take 5-LMTHF” so what do you do if you can’t take 5-LMTHF? It sounds like a strange question, but I’ve met a lot of mutants over the years that simply couldn’t tolerate 5-LMTHF supplementation at all. It makes them worse, way worse. I had one client who described it as “falling into a black hole.” Not fun!

For some people who can’t take 5-LMTHF it’s because they have depressive symptoms with the MTHFR mutation and their serotonin is low for this and other reasons. 5-LMTHF actually further lowers serotonin in this case and isn’t a good option (here’s more information on that bizarre can of worms.) For others, it’s a reaction to the product, or it produces too much of a detox reaction no matter how small the dose. Whatever the reason, if you can’t take 5-LMTHF then here are some possible options for you:

Food Sources of Natural Folate

Some foods are high in folate, which is naturally active and can be used effectively by MTHFR mutants. These are foods like dark leafy green veggies and pulses and legumes (this is lentils, beans, chickpeas and that sort of thing.) Other foods are listed as high-folate foods but it’s because they’re fortified with folic acid (not good for MTHFR folks).

So be sure you check your information before you trust a random list off the internet. Oddly, many people who can’t tolerate 5-LMTHF supplementation, still respond well to food sources. That isn’t always the case – for some people the food sources are just as difficult as the supplement sources, but it’s always the best first thing to try. Aim for 1000 mg daily from your foods and see how you feel and respond. Always trust your body – if you start to feel worse then this isn’t the right thing for you.


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