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5 Tips To Create A Motivational Message For Your Team

Of all a leader’s many responsibilities, one of the most important is to motivate and inspire their team.

And one of the best ways to do this, especially when many employees are still working remotely, is through a note or letter that reaches every employee.

Here are five ways to create an effective message that connects with employees and motivates the team:

Be Real

The quickest way to build a connection with someone is to be authentic and real. Employees want to know their leaders are real people who are facing the ups and downs of life just like them. Don’t just say the typical things employees expect leaders to say—be real, acknowledge difficulties, and show your personality.

Be Grateful to Team

be real with your teams

Employees are the lifeblood of your company and play a huge role in its success. Make sure they know that and feel appreciated. No matter what you’re writing to employees about—good news or bad—always be grateful and thank them for their efforts. Things are difficult for employees right now, so starting with gratitude sets the tone and lets employees know you see their hard work.

Be Proud of Success

Be proud of what your company has accomplished, even if those metrics are different than before. Even with the struggles of 2021, there’s always something to celebrate. Your success might be pivoting to better serve customers or successfully transitioning to a remote workforce. Be proud and share that pride with your team.

Be Empathetic

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes to think of what they’ve gone through. Chances are your employees have it worse than you do as a leader, especially in the current pandemic. Show empathy as you connect emotionally and find ways to help in their challenges.

Be Hopeful in Team


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Even with the uncertainty of the world right now, there’s always a reason to be hopeful. Your job as a leader is to set a hopeful tone for the future, not to dwell on the negativity of the past. Being hopeful doesn’t mean being fake or sugar-coating difficulties. It means finding the positive and holding to hope that things will turn around.

Sending a note, email, or letter to connect with employees is a powerful way to motivate your team. No matter where your employees are in the world or if they work from home or in an office, real communication can inspire and motivate them to keep moving forward.

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