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Tips to Successfully Plan a Large-Scale Event

When you need to plan a large-scale event, the specific nature of the event and audience will influence how you prepare. However, there are certain methods that will help you in terms of a broad overview as you begin. Use these tactics to strategize and systematize your event for the best possible results:

#1 – Put together a checklist and budget.

Two documents can guide the way from the start: a checklist and budget. The former, essentially a master to-do list, is your way of laying out exactly what tasks will have to be completed. Just like a checklist gives you a way to organize your tasks, a budget offers a way to organize the money. You want to be as detailed as possible. A strong budget will contain both expenses (supplies, food, insurance, permits, etc.) and opportunities for revenue (donations, ticket sales, sponsorship, etc.).

#2 – Focus on “likely culprit” ways that things could go wrong.

Learn from the mistakes of those who went before you by considering the elements that can become the biggest headaches when you plan a large-scale event:

Weather – Tents are of course one way to protect your guests, but it can help to have other comfort-enhancing items at your disposal. For cold days, you may want heat lamps. For hot days, you may want air conditioners or branded fans.

Indoor climate – The human body releases heat, so you want to be concerned with how the room will feel when it’s full of people. Ask if the venue tends to get hot. Then you can rent additional ACs or fans if needed.

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Finances – It is a smart practice to have an emergency fund built into your budget.

Schedule – Along with cash cushions, you want time cushions as well. That extra padding of time should be applied to the event itself as well as the preparation.

#3 – Systematize everything.

Once you have defined the concept and scope of your event and have established goals, you want to think about developing a system for each of these elements that are primary when you plan a large-scale event:

  • Buying
  • Booking
  • Ticketing
  • Registration
  • Cash handling
  • Refunds and cancellations
  • Task tracking
  • Record-keeping
  • Data storage and sharing
  • Data safety
  • Budget and expense management
  • Internal and external communications
  • Reporting
  • Ready to plan a large-scale event?

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