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What Are The Early Symptoms of a Brain Tumor?

A brain tumor can be successfully treated with the help of modern technology and proper knowledge. In most cases, brain tumors can be treated if diagnosed early. In order to treat a tumor, you must be aware of its early symptoms. As soon as you see any symptoms of brain tumor, you must immediately consult a doctor.

Causes of brain tumor

Our skull is a closed cavity. When brain tumor occurs, tumor develops inside the skull. When the pressure inside the skull increases, the tumor arises, it is called “Raised Intracranial Pressure.”

The differences between the brain tumor and a tumor that occurs in other organs is that when a tumor grows in any other organ (except for the brain), the outside and inside part of the organ expands. But when it is a brain tumor, you will not be able to notice any visible changes from outside. For this reason, the pressure occurs inside the skull, which causes:

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Decreased level of consciousness
  • Diplopia ( double vision)

You have to be aware of these symptoms. If you feel anything that is causing you problems, consult a neurosurgeon immediately.


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Symptoms of brain tumor

  • Sometimes a patient who is having a Seizure or fit has the probability of developing a tumor. It can happen with a brain tumor mostly. Any adult patient with the first fit in life needs to be treated because doctors always rule out a brain tumor. Seizure is the most common symptom of a brain tumor.
  • Developing brain tumors in any part of the brain destroys the function of the area of the brain. For example, if the patient has the brain tumor on the right side of the brain or in the motor area, the left side of the body starts feeling low.
  • If a tumor is increasing at the base of the brain, then the patient might have optical problems or any other problems related to the vision.
  • Change in the level of consciousness is another symptom that indicates a brain tumor.
  • Brain tumor may develop if a person is sleeping more or does not have any interest in any work or prefers to be in bed most of the time.
  • Not very common symptoms include patients with Psychiatric problems. If the patient has a tumor in the brain’s frontal area, he might have a change in the personality. He might act weird or do something abnormal.
  • If the patient has a tumor in the temporal area, this may lead to talkativeness or might end up doing any other awkward activity.

What are the two different types of tumors that should be treated early?

  • Pituitary tumors – The hormonal gland located at the base of the brain is called the Pituitary gland. When this gland has a tumor, it acts differently. Sometimes it causes changes in hormone secretion, which might occur to any age group. Women can have menstrual problems or problems conceiving.
  • Colloid cyst – A colloid cyst is like a time bomb. It slowly leads to death. The colloid cyst is presented in very critical junctions, and it obstructs the part from where the blood flows to the nerves.


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