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Paul Giamatti weight loss: a big transformation of leader actor of Billions

The successful series Billions made Paul Giamatti really famous. Previously he starred in popular films in supporting roles. The Showtime series that made Paul Giamatti a big star began before the pandemic. And during the quarantine the lead actor has seriously changed his look. His appearance in the last 5s season left fans in shock. And all because of the shocking Paul Giamatti weight loss. Let’s see what happened and is it true that he is sick?

Paul Giamatti after weight loss

How many pounds did Paul Giamatti lose?

When Paul Giamatti first appeared on the screen after losing weight, the audience was very surprised. The head prosecutor at the Billions looked leaner though his face seemed slightly haggard. Some people even thought that the actor had health problems. Paul Giamatti’s weight loss is not caused by illness unlike Celine Dion according to insider’s informations.

Paul Giamatti weight loss

People also noticed that Paul Giamatti’s hair turned gray compared to his previous look. Linking together graying hair and losing weight, the audience came to the conclusion that the actor was sick. But Paul says he feels more energized than ever. By the way, Giamatti lost only 15 pounds. It doesn’t compare to Billy Gardell who lost almost 150 pounds.

Paul Giamatti in new image

The rumors about the disease are not far-fetched at all. Media reported Paul Giamatti was suffering from a chronic illness. Neither insider nor official sources have confirmed the information. In any case Paul Giamatti’s weight loss makes a lot of people think about it. At least on how he did it.

Giamatti before losing weight

What caused Paul Giamatti weight loss?

The actor began to lose weight during the pandemic. While in quarantine he decided to improve his health instead of wasting time. Paul’s motivation was to strengthen the immune system through a “clean” diet and eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. The actor didn’t expect his approach to cause weight loss.

Paul Giamatti before diet

The diet affected Paul Giamatti’s weight loss is too simple. The actor refused his favorite pizza and other baked goods. He preferred fruits instead of sweets. He also drank a lot of water. But the actor did not stop only on a diet. He went to the gym, where he continues to practice until now.

Giamatti in the photoshoot

A healthy diet, water regime and physical exercises did their job and led to a minus on the scales. By the way, the actor trains at home and attends online yoga classes. Doja Cat also loves to work out and her impressive weight loss is proof of that.

Paul in business suit

What Paul Giamatti looks after weight loss

After losing weight Paul Giamatti decided to change his image. He shaved off his beard, got a new haircut, and began to dress in a business casual style. It suits his character Chuck Rhoades from Billions, but people found his new image a little bit aged.

Chuck Rhoades from Billions

By the way, the gray hair of the actor is explained simply. He is already 55 years old, and at this age it is normal to be gray. You can see what Paul Giamatti looks like after losing weight not only in his series, but also in official and fans’ social media.


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Paul Giamatti’s weight loss has become a good role nodel for many people. Instead of following a strict diet, he cut back on unhealthy foods and started exercising to improve his body. He got healthier and created a harmonious image. This is worthy of applause!

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