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Nintendo 3DS On the Go

A few days ago, someone used me as an example of traveling with kids and getting back to nature. This summer we have been doing exactly that. Still, I wanted to clarify something. Although we have unplugged and found our Canadian roots this summer, we haven’t stop traveling with Nintendo 3DS. Here’s why:

1. It’s a Balancing Act

In reality, its very hard for us to unplug. I have a blog and that means that I do a lot of work on the go. From planning posts, taking notes and spending time on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I rarely have a day where I don’t need to work at least a little. When I do need to work, it often requires my phone. Thus, the easy solution of handing my phone over doesn’t work for us. Although we balance reading, crafts and time in the pool, I also like to give the kids time to play Nintendo 3Ds.

 2. Nintendo 3DS: Flights

In many ways, I love long flights. I like the feeling of flying and knowing that we are all comfortably seated for at least 4 hours. I also know how trying flights can be with children. While I pack activity books and headphones for the televisions, my kids often prefer to take the down time and try out new games. This gives me time to relax too.

3. Gaming is Better for You than Television

I don’t know about you but having witnessed my kids watch television on a flight or early in the morning and compared it to how they are when gaming, I would choose gaming any day. They simply seem more engaged and are solving more problems than which route to take with Dora the Explorer. I am not alone in this conclusion. Studies have shown that while watching television is a passive activity, gaming can improve self-esteem, cognitive skills and strangely physical activity. The idea being that most games require some type of movement. Secondly, kids are often inspired by the activities in gaming to go out and try the sports themselves.

4. Teamwork

When I purchased two Nintendo 3Ds consoles, I had no idea how interactive they would be with each other. Early on, Will discovered the two consoles could connect and that certain games could be shared. Now on long drives, my kids can connect certain games like Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

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