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Easy 5 Tips to Drop the Holiday Muffin Top!

Expel your body naturally toxins and get you on track to a healthier lifestyle with my 5 tips:

1. Goodbye Coffee Highs and Lows

lemon juice instead of coffee

Hello Real Energy Start your morning with hot water and fresh squeezed lemon to taste or a shot of organic apple cider vinegar in water.  When you eat foods that are sour it makes your liver and gallbladder detox stored toxins.  Your liver is the “General” of your body.  So it’s healthy function is especially important for weight loss and overall health.  The liver needs to be working efficiently to properly perform critical tasks such as metabolizing fat.  If loosing your morning coffee has you suffering from headaches, try some Dandy Blend herbal drink to help you through.

2. Eat Fresh

how to start eat healthy

Feel Fabulous Only choose nutrient-dense foods!
 This means, if it is packaged, step away!  Fresh foods are naturally packed with the nutrients your body needs. You want to incorporate as many nutrients you can into every meal because if you’re not getting enough, your body won’t feel satisfied and will continually tell you to eat more to get what it needs!  Great examples of nutrient-dense foods include gluten free whole grains, like brown rice, millet and quinoa, all fresh fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens.

“If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t. ”

― Michael Pollan

3. Eat balanced meals
 5 tips

five tips to make cackes

This is an extremely important component of losing weight, being healthy and even preventing or managing diabetes, heart disease and even preventing Alzheimer’s. Eating balanced meals entails eating lean protein (plant or animal based), balanced with slow-burning carbohydrates and a small amount of good fats – at every meal or snack. Picture your plate consisting of a four to six ounce piece of white turkey, a small baked sweet potato, and a large salad topped with a tablespoon of flax oil and balsamic vinegar.  Protein is usually the component most people have a hard time including, especially at breakfast.  A few great sources of protein suitable for breakfast are my favorite, eggs, grilled tempeh, or my favorite, a homemade protein smoothie. I use a raw vegan protein powder with no colour or flavours added, almond or hemp milk, about a cup of frozen or fresh fruit and a pinch of good fat, like flax or hemp oil.

4. Trade Three Square Meals for Five Fat Burning Feasts Ideally

You should always eat until you are “satisfied” not “full”. To accomplish this, you should be eating three balanced meals and two balanced snacks a day. Eating frequently keeps your body on schedule, it knows when it is going to get it’s next meal, so it can work optimally without having to store energy for a “rainy day”.  This keeps your metabolism revved up all day, which is a huge bonus because it means your body is always ready to burn calories. If you go too long between meals or worse, skip a meal, your metabolism has nothing to do and will slow right down until your next meal.  To build a fat burning powerhouse and have your metabolism working on overdrive, fuel yourself every three to four hours.  Eating in this manner ensures you won’t get to the point of severe hunger, when you will be most likely to give in to cravings and make poor food choices.

5. What’s In Your Glass

drink more water instead of cola

You’ve heard it over and over again, but its worth repeating in my 5 tips, DRINK WATER!  Water is essential for so many processes in the body, including metabolism and digestion.  The fact is, your body can’t work properly without a sufficient amount of water, so stay hydrated, doing so will even help starve off hunger cravings!  In addition to water, feel free to drink other natural and calorie free beverages such as green or herbal teas which can even be made into a cold drink with some added lemon to taste!  Anything that adds extra calories is strictly forbidden and yes this even means 100% pure juice!  As I always say, eat your fruit, drink your water!

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