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Lipoic Acid supplements may aid weight control for obese people

According to a new study daily supplementation with Lipoic Acid could help reduce body fat and body weight in overweight people who are otherwise healthy.

Lipoic Acid study

81 overweight adults who had higher than normal plasma triglycerides (over 100 mg/dL) participated in this randomized, double-blind, controlled trial. All participants were randomly assigned to receive a 600 mg dose of Alpha-Lipoic Acid daily or a placebo. The trial lasted for 24 weeks. The participants were told to not change their physical exercise regimen or their diet during the study period that was necessary for the cleanness of the experiment.

Lipoic Acid

One more study you can learn about concerning the mineral balancing act that is too important for out body and health.

Results of the study showed 64 participants completed the trial; the rest either withdrew or were otherwise lost. Participants receiving the supplemental with this intake showed significant reductions in Body Mass Index (BMI), body weight and body fat. The effects were greater in women and those participants who were classified as more obese. Additionally there was a correlation between Lipoic Acid supplementation, BMI and changes in plasma triglycerides.

The results of this study are consistent with other studies performed worldwide. Read also about vitamins and mineral supplementation during pregnancy that may reduce birth complications.

Lipoic Acid helps tp lose weight


Lipoic Acid is a medium-chain fatty acid and has 2 sulfer atoms at one end of the chain. The body usually produces enough this substance to supply the enzymes that need it to function correctly. Lipoic Acid is also a cofactor of some mitochondrial enzymes. Lipoic Acid may also stimulate glucose metabolism, support anti-inflammatory responses and work on antioxidant defenses. Further studies are needed. If you want to learn more about health support, read about Zinc and Selenium that are essential for our immune system.

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