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Sydney Simpson weight loss: she does not even look like herself anymore

Sydney Simpson suddenly hit the pages of the tabloids. This was not due to her famous father, NFL player and actor O.J. Simpson, who was convicted of killing her mother in 1994, but for another reason. A sensation is about Sydney Simpson weight loss. It turns out that she got thinner thanks to a special method that journalists managed to find out about.

Sydney Simpson weight loss

Why did Sydney Simpson decided to keep a diet?

Sydney Simpson has kept out of the public eye for a long time. After a terrible tragedy with her parents she wanted to hide her life from the paparazzi. She studied sociology in college and been engaged in the real estate business.


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For a long time she lived closed and far from the public attention. From time to time materials about her love affairs or moves to another cities appeared in the press but didn’t bother her. Sometimes the tabloids wrote about her surprising resemblance to Khloe Kardashian, whose house causes a lot of discussion on the net.

Simpson before weight loss Sydney before diet

37-year-old Sydney Simpson is in the spotlight today for losing 50 pounds. Before the diet she weighed 200 pounds that had a negative impact on her health. That’s why the basketball player’s daughter decided to go on a strict diet. She chose the famous program of nutrition that most of celebrities prefer to make her body slim and fit.

Sydney Simpson with boyfriend

Sydney Simpson weight loss is due to a strict KETO diet

According to media publications, Sydney used the extreme KETO diet to make extra pounds disappear. Weight loss Sydney Sipson is the result of a strict KETO diet and exercises. But it is also said that she used a special medicine to enhance ketosis and help to burn fat.

Sydney Simpson before weight loss

In addition to pills Sydney kept a diet that was free of carbohydrates and had enough healthy oils. This diet allows you to burn your own fat as energy. Simpson also completely eliminated sugary foods and alcohol from her meal plan. By the way, before losing weight she consumed much of them. Exercising helped speed up the process of burning fat. For example Kim Kardashian keeps the same diet plan for weight loss.

Sydney Simpson with her father

Also Sydney began to work out with a trainer and her body became more toned. The instructor makes her run and do strength exercises. Thanks to this her body is now in shape, despite the rapid weight loss.

Sydney Simpson weight loss: what does she look now

After strict daily routine Sydney Simpson looks much better and more energetic than before. Today she weighs 150 pounds and is not going to stop there. Also Sydney changed her haircut and clothing style to look trendy. It seems that she looks much younger, which can not be said about Tami Roman in a new body.

Previously, Simpson heard a lot of negativity about her body, but now she has taken revenge on all the offenders. The girl managed not only to get her body in shape, but also to improve her health. She appeals to all obese people not to be afraid to go to the goal. Sydney Simpson weight loss is the result of work that is available to everyone.

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