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Kim Kardashian: Story Through Scandalous Sex Tape

Surely most people know who Kim Kardashian is. However, some may be her fans, her subscribers, but have no idea why she became famous. Familiar acquaintances of Kim’s mother Kris Jenner, however, are certain that she was the one who found and sold her daughter’s racy video to knowledgeable people. The latter saw to it that the video became massively popular, just like the middle daughter of the Kardashian family herself. So is it all a rumor or the real truth? And how did the middle one of the Kardashian sisters actually become a megastar?

Kim Kardashian sex tape

When the speculation about the intimate video was born, fans didn’t believe it. People were sure: if it was about mother and daughter, there could be no speculation or PR. Kris’ acquaintances had a different point of view. And it should be said that the phrase “You’re doing amazing sweetie” was made famous by Mrs. Jenner. She addressed it to Kim during one of her first “nude” photo shoots. So how did fame really come to Kim Kardashian?

nudes Kim Kardashian

Critics believe that, unlike her peers, Kim is talentless. Most likely, this opinion cannot be called unfounded. Kimberly has never sung and danced during her fame, and she has no higher education. Fame came to her paradoxically, when the former assistant to Paris Hilton made a video with her ex-boyfriend. The home video of Kim Kardashian and rapper Raeem Jayme featured the usual porn. Soon, the porn film leaked to the Net: it played into the hands of both Kim herself and the entire Kardashian family.

How the porn video actually made it to the Net

sex tape kim kardashian

“I cried until I fell asleep. I don’t think anything in the world can prepare you for something like this when it comes to your daughter.” That’s what Kim Kardashian’s mother wrote when she found out her daughter’s intimate video had hit the Internet. However, the author of the book about the Kardashian family, Ian Halperin does not believe in the sincerity of these words. He is sure that the “leak” is nothing but an elaborate move and the idea of Kim’s mom herself! The journalist talked to experts from the porn industry. He managed to find out that:

pussy ice kim kardashian

In 2007 Kim Kardashian signed a contract with a certain company Vivid Entertainment;
and the latter is distributing the filming of “adult films”, so she herself made the video public; And representatives of the company do not deny that the video was published with Kim’s permission – according to them, the legend of the “leak” is a myth.

“Kim shared with those close to her that her dreams include popularity. A friend of Paris Hilton hinted at her need for a home porn video. The thought struck her as a good one. She asked her family for advice before publishing the cut video, and her mother gladly gave the okay.”

Could Kris Jenner help her daughter

playboy kim kardashian

Some claim that Kris didn’t just give her daughter a tip or two on how to do things better. According to reporters, she encouraged Kim to make a provocative move. Whether or not that’s what really happened is unlikely to be known today. But there’s little doubt that there was an agreement between Vivid Entertainment and Kim Kardashian. So what does Kim’s ex-boyfriend Rae say? It must be said that, unlike Kim, the singer has not managed to find the same fame.
As for the version of what happened, he does not consider it an accidental hit of a sex tape in the Network. The actor thinks that it was a well-thought-out plan by Kris Jenner. In an interview, the rapper said that she forced her daughter to do it and faked the leak of the video with her own hands. Kim admitted that she had recorded the video with commercial intent. She did not deny that it was her biggest mistake, and she would have hated for her kids to find out about it.

megan fox together

Kim Kardashian Playboy Experience


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The story with the scandalous video took place back in the 2000s. Today Kim has over 119 million followers on Instagram, and she is popular worldwide. Even her children sometimes ask her how and why she became famous. Kim told about one of these juicy conversations with her older daughter North at a radio show. On the air, the star said: “And I thought it would be hard to explain, so I said we have our own show on television.”

photo ass kim kardashian

It is clear that at that time the little girl was completely satisfied with the answer. But what will Kim say when she grows up and asks more provocative questions? Like, who really leaked the porn video to the Internet? Or how did her party girl mother make sure she wouldn’t stop being talked about everywhere? And why, unafraid of the wrath of her strict Armenian grandmother, did she show up in her nudes in the pages of Playboy magazine? Although, Kim Kardashian does not hide the fact that she appeared in Playboy for the attention and excitement of men.

Kim Kardashian No Makeup

no makeup

When Kim Kardashian was expecting her second child, she didn’t complain about not feeling well or problems with her pregnancy. The woman did not stop talking about how worried she was about gaining weight. It is now the reality star is embarrassed by her past adventures and tons of makeup on her face. And then she dreamed just to get in shape. The TV star nostalgically recalled the times when her figure was the envy of everyone. She dreamed of re-appearing on the covers of men’s glossy, on the screens and in full dress photos.

media star at the beach

To be honest, Kim Kardashian no makeup is a rarity. After all, she always appears in public in a glamorous way. And it is already strange for us to see Kim natural and uncovered, given her obsession with makeup. In fact, in the Internet photos of Kim without makeup are very rare. The star does not often please fans with selfies after a shower or a nap, for example. To be fair, it should be noted that now Kim more and more often goes out with a naked face, but so far only to the gym.

happiness and the ocean

It is worth recalling that at the beginning of her career, Kim Kardashian was an ordinary girl. She managed to work as a stylist for Paris Hilton. It was at that moment that the young star was jealous of the success of the “blonde in chocolate”. Perhaps this desire and pushed Kim to surpass her friend Nicki Minaj by the level of success and popularity. After all, even that scandalous porn video of hers hit the web after Paris released a similar video.


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