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Tami Roman weight loss: she looks like having anorexia

Basketball wives star 50-year-old Tami Roman looks thinner than earlier. Users on social media noticed her excessive thinness. However, she was never heavy, even in her early youth, but now the actress looks slim enough to suspect health problems. Let’s figure out what is the reason for Tami Roman weight loss.

Tami Roman weight loss

Why the actress decided to lose weight?

For the first time we heard about Tami Roman in 1993 when she starred in the reality show The Real World: Los Angeles. Young Tami looked great, but she hated her body. She made bloody efforts to lose weight. She caused vomiting, drank laxatives and simply did not eat for days to make pounds disappear. So she brought herself to anorexia.

Tami Roman before and after

Her weight loss obsession began with her visit to a modeling agency at the age of 13. Scout led her to a mirror and pointed out all the flaws in her body: folds in her back, sagging breasts and fat on her knees. That fact put complexes in the mind of young girl. So Tami Roman weight loss caused her unacceptance of herself. Since young years she has been struggling with her weight to get ideal.

Roman after diet

Tami Roman weight loss: disease is to blame?

In an interview Tami Roman revealed that she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This disease was a result of her mistakes in an attitude to health that the actress had all her life. In addition to diabetes Tami was diagnosed with dysmorphia. The actress shared on social meda how difficult it is to live when you can not control your own body. Many followers supported the actress and advised her to pay more attention to health because she looks underweight.

The actress Miss Pat Shaw told in an interview that she wanted to lose weight for a long time, but due to diabetes she could not do it. She gained almost 190 pounds and decided it’s enough for her. Shape magazine wrote that Tami Roman used diet pills.

Tami Roman after weight loss

The same was said about Kim Kardashian, who lost half of her weight. But Tami Roman confirmed that the pills helped her lose 7 pounds without dieting or exercising. Then the actress changed her diet plan and went to the gym. Tami Roman weight loss happened with the help of specialists, as her state of health did not allow her to reduce fat on her own.

Tami after losing weight

Tami Roman weight loss: how many pounds did she lose

In an interview Tami Roman admitted that she managed to lose 30 pounds. The dramatic weight loss caused changes in her appearance. People found that Tami began to look older. A similar transformation happened to Celine Dion, who is undergoing rehabilitation nowadays. However, Tami Roman’s weight loss is not so scary.

Tami Roman weight loss

The actress said fans that she began to work on body because of her illness. She adds that now she chooses only healthy food without restricting her diet. Tami Roman said she feels well and will live for her daughters “by any means necessary”. Roman has two daughters with her ex-husband NBA player Kenny Anderson.

Even if Tami Roman weight loss seems to much to us, we respect her choice and support her wish to look beautiful.

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