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Lana Del Rey weight gain: reasons why it happened

New photos of Lana Del Rey are shocking: the singer gained 50 pounds of weight. The 2020 pandemic has affected her figure in this way. The singer does not comment on her new body, showing that this issue worries her the least. But we can’t deny that the singer’s appearance has changed a lot. So why did Lana Del Rey gain weight? What could be the matter, except for a long quarantine?

Lana Del Rey gain weight

Is it eating disorder?

Previously Lana Del Rey was accused of anorexia and bulimia. Rumors appeared after the singer’s body transformed from slim forms to curves time to time. Once again the singer began to gain weight in 2020. In January, she appeared at the Grammys alongside Sean Larkin, a police officer she was dating. Fans have noticed that Lana’s waist is slightly plumper. Even a delightful dress from the mass market did not hide the fact that the figure of the singer “floated”.

Lana Del Rey with ex-boyfriend

A similar situation already happened with Lana in 2018 and even more – she was considered pregnant because her belly got a large. But the big belly is only in some of the photos, and people thought this was a bad angle, and Lana just overate the pasta (she was on vacation in Portofino, Italy). After this incident Lana Del Rey looked thin again.

Lana Del Rey fake pregnant

And at the beginning of 2020 her body attracted attention again. The singer does not confirm the rumors about eating disorders, unlike alcohol addiction. Maybe she just had a good Christmas? By the way, Demi Lovato gained weight exactly due to an eating disorder according to her interviews.

Lana in a yellow dress

Lana Del Rey weight gain: because of boyfriend?

Lana Del Rey broke up with a police officer after 6 months of relationship. But she was not alone for long, and started an affair with a little-known musician Clayton Johnson. The singer visited the boyfriend’s parents and even managed to get engaged to him despite the peak of the pandemic. All star magazines wrote about the upcoming wedding.

Del Rey walking on the street

The singer met a guy on a dating site spending time on quarantine. The relationship quickly developed and her boyfriend moved to her luxury mantion in Beverly Hills. Lana left the house only to the recording studio where she worked on a new album.

the singer in a new body

She wanted revenge because the fans did not appreciate the previous Chemtrails Over the Country Club. And it’s not about the music at all, but about the cover with only white girls. Lana Del Rey recorded Rock Candy Sweet when she was dating Clayton Johnson. Love always inspired her. But what is the reason for Lana Del Rey weight gain? Most likely it is because of a sedentary lifestyle and a happy love relationship.

What Lana Del Rey says about weight gain

The singer does not comment this question, hiding the details of her personal life, like Olivia Ponton. She even deleted her Instagram and stopped appearing in public. Perhaps this is because of the new body which Lana is unlikely to be too pleased with. Comments appear on the social media that the singer weighs a ton.

The singer gain weight

lana del rey gain weight

del rey gain weight

the singer walking in a mask

Recently an interesting photo appeared on the Instagram of Jack Donoghue, the ex-boyfriend of Courtney Love. The guy is standing with Lana Del Rey at the prison building. It is unlikely that any of them went to prison, but rumors spread about their romance. By the way Lana is friends with Courtney Love and often went to Jack Donoghue’s parties. In the photo, the singer looks thinner than in the pictures of the paparazzi.

But is she dating Jack? it seems not to be true but all Lana’s photo disappeared from Instagram of her fiancé Clayton Johnson, so everything can happen…We know exactly Lana is working on her body to stop weight gain. We wish her good luck!

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