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Vanessa Bryant weight gain: before and after pictures

The wife of NFL Lakers star Kobe Bryant began to rapidly gain weight after the death of her husband. Vanessa Bryant has changed a lot since her husband and daughter died in a helicopter crash. Not everyone supports the version that the former dancer gave up on herself. Some even believe that she is pregnant from the teammate of her husband. Let’s figure out what are real reasons of Vanessa Bryant weight gain.

Vanessa Bryant weight gain

Vanessa Bryant after the catastrophe of 2020

Kobe Bryant met Vanessa in 2001 and soon proposed to her. At that time Kobe was already a basketball star and Vanessa was a 19-year-old dancer of Mexican descent. Bryant’s family and teammates were against the unequal marriage. But love won and the couple got married.

Vanessa Bryant with her husband

Their marriage lasted 19 years until the ill-fated accident. In a beginning of 2020 Kobe Bryant together with his daughter Gianna and his friends went on a private helicopter flight. Bad weather conditions made the pilot to lose control and a helicopter crashed in the mountains. All passengers died.

Vanessa and her daughters

The disaster affected the lives of Vanessa and her daughters. She has three more daughters of different ages with Kobe besides Gianna. After the death of her husband Vanessa threw herself into charity work. She has owned a foundation supporting the less privileged kids involved in sports.

Vanessa and Kobe

How much weight does Vanessa Bryant gain?

The wife of the famous basketball player weighs more than before. Some fans of Kobe believe that the mother of four is pregnant again. They suspect her of having an affair with basketball player Chris Paul. After Vanessa Bryant’ weight gain people think she is carrying a child from him. She does not confirm that she is dating anyone. But everyone can see that the widow has good relations with Paul.

However, after the death of her husband and daughter she is unmarried and not pregnant. She may have gained 40 pounds. At the same time it is known that the 41-year-old former dancer and model has got plastic surgery to keep her youth. Many celebrities often do beauty surgeries, for example, Madonna’s plastic surgery scares her fans.

Vanessa Bryant after weight gain

Probably Vanessa Bryant weight gain is driven by emotional factors. Kobe Bryant’s wife does not comment on her body unlike other famous women. For example, Lena Dunham after weight gain had to fight against haters on social media.

Bryant with an award

Vanessa Bryant weight gain: pictures before and after

The wife of Kobe Bryant is 41 years old and has a gorgeous body despite her weight gain. The widow looks great and therefore it is not surprising that people suspect her of love affairs. Even though Vanessa has gained up to 40 pounds, she still looks attractive. By the way she was never too skinny.

Vanessa on the red carpet

Vanessa has always had appetizing curves even when she worked as a model. And four pregnancies inevitably affected her figure. But look at the curves of Vanessa Bryant now: she is completely perfect!

Brayant's curves

Extra weight doesn’t make her to look worse. Adding 40 pounds help her to be curvy. We wish her be happy and never pay attention to haters.

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