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What water should I drink?

Opinion of an expert from the Italian association of dietetics and nutrition ADI for the benefit of health

In 1945 the whole world learned from the publication of the National Food and Nutrition Board that the “fluid intake for an adult is about 2.5 liters per day. Most of this amount is in the food we eat, and 8 to 10 glasses are appropriate to drink. The axiom does not require proof, but explanations are not superfluous. We asked ourselves what kind of water we should drink, and turned to the research of the Association of Italian Dietetics and Nutrition (ADI), where there is a department of medical hydrology. So as not to “poke at the water,” Dr. Maria Gabriella Di Russo told us what to do.


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Mineral water or not?

Carbonated water has no different characteristics than regular water; it’s just a matter of taste preference. “Carbonated water increases the feeling of satiety by stretching the stomach a little more than regular water. It has no serious contraindications, but for those who suffer from bloating, it is better to refrain from it,” she says.

Water is water.

Juice, tea, coffee, lemonade do not count as water, period.

Baby water

If you’ve made a firm decision to drink two liters a day, drink baby water, it has no sodium. This mineral is directly related to the salts in the body. Of course, he is needed, but a sufficient amount can be obtained from meat, fish, rice, and fruit. Read the composition of water, so you can drink a lot and not swell. The healthy habit of drinking water without sodium is not useful only for hypertensive people and sportsmen, who have high muscle loads and lose a lot of useful minerals by sweating.

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