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How much Jake Paul weight before the next fight

Jake Paul has over 20 million followers on his YouTube channel and the same amount on Instagram. And all of them want to know at what weight he is going to perform against the next fighter. He recently reacted to the words of Conor McGregor. The ex-UFC champion said that he was only interested in title fights. Paul responded: “I would knock you out in the squared circle with one hand tied behind my back”. Perhaps, we will have another unexpected fight in the future. So let’s find out how much Jake Paul weight and is he ready to fight with the famous Irish.

Jake Paul weight

Who did Jack Paul fight before?

25-year-old Jake Paul is young boxing star who get famous thanks to Youtube. His ring name is “The Problem Child”. This October he defeated former UFC champion Anderson Silva. The forces were equal so the battle was not easy. They worked up in the cruiserweight class. Jake Paul’s weight coincided with Silva’s at the weigh-ins. Each of the boxers weighed 186.1 pounds.

Jake Paul won on points, just like he did in the fight with Tyron Woodley. By the way, Tyron Woodley gave a good shake to Jake, but still lost on points.

His previous opponent was former Bellator champion Ben Askren, whom he knocked out in the first round. Before he won on points basketball player Nate Robinson knocked out blogger Ali Eson. Now Paul has 5 wins and no losses. There rumors that some of his duels were engaging and paid for winning, for example, the last one with Silva.

Jake Paul's weight

Jake Paul announced a new fight in February. Who will be his opponent is still unknown, but there are rumors that it will be Nate Diaz. Will he be strong enough to win The Ultimate Fighter 5 winner? Paul is always self-confident enough, he has no defeats, and Diaz should be ready for tough fight.

Jake Paul weight

What is Jake Paul weight and height?

Before fights boxers gain or lose pounds to enter the weight class. Usually Jake Paul weight around 190 pounds, so for the Anderson Silva fight he had to lose almost 5 pounds. By the way, the main actor of “Billions” Paul Giamatti lost 15 pounds in pandemic and shocked his fans.

Jake Paul training

Jake Paul weight today no more than 198 pounds according to open sources. We should add that he is 6 feet tall. He is in the cruiserweight class in the professional boxing. His weight depends on who will be his next opponent. Perhaps Jake will have to lose 10 pounds, or, on the contrary, gain the same amount. So if Jake Paul wants to win Conor McGregor she should lose weight to 170 pounds.

Jake Paul boxing

Athletes quickly solve problems with weight unlike usual people. For example, Kim Kardashian’s weight loss happened according to very strict diet.

Paul on Instagram

Jake Paul on social media

The professional boxer and absolute winner likes blogging. He became famous thanks to the already inactive platform Wine. Today he posts on Instagram and runs a YouTube channel. On Instagram you can find promo photos, announcements of fights, and also very personal posts with his girlfriend, frank statements about everything, playful photo shoots and other live content.


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“The Problem Child” regularly stirs up interest in himself. Today fans are puzzled why he gave up the WBA championship belt. It turns out that the boxer believes that he does not deserve it. Perhaps he considers himself as a blogger, not a boxer. Will he be able to keep the score 6:0 on his scoreboard? Find out soon!

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