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Russell Crowe conquered the young actress and played the exorcist from Vatican

58-year-old Russell Crowe sparked rumors of a new love affair. The cult Gladiator actor has confirmed an affair with 31-year-old actress. At the same time, Crowe has two adult sons from his first marriage, who are the same age as his new girlfriend. And this is not all the news from the life of the Oscar-winning actor.

Russell Crowe's girlfriend

Russell Crowe’s new relationship

Russell Crowe divorced his first wife Danielle Spencer in 2012. They remained friends and raised their sons together. Today Russell Crowe’s children are adults and live their own lives. Over the years the actor dated other women, but did not officially confirm any relationship.

Crowe's girlfriend

In 2020 Russell Crowe starred in Broken City and met the young actress Britney Theriot at film set. The fit blonde caught the attention of an old bachelor and responded to courtship despite the big age difference. A similar story happened to Idris Elba when he met his wife.

In the beginning of this year the couple made an official statement about their relationship. The actors confirmed that they are a couple and started appearing together in public. According to rumors, the sons of Crowe took his new romance well.

Britney Theriot with his boyfriend Britney Theriot and Russel Crowe

Russell Crowe himself looked younger with his new girlfriend and even worked on his shape. Recently they were spotted at tennis court playing and kissing between games.

Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Is Russell Crowe not appearing in the new Gladiator?

Gladiator star and Academy Award winner Russell Crowe has confirmed he won’t be playing in the upcoming sequel. His character the courageous warrior Maximus died in the finale of the great epic movie of 2000s so Gladiator 2 won’t include him. In the recent interview Crowe revealed that he has no plans having Maximus in the story.

Crowe's new girlfriend

The new story will be about Lucius, the pupil of Maximus. Young actor Paul Mescal will play the main role. Despite not appearing in Gladiator, Russell Crowe is keeping his finger on the pulse and overseeing the film’s production alongside director Ridley Scott.Russell Crowe photo

Why was The Pope’s Exorcist stigmatized before release?

In April the horror film The Pope’s Exorcist, in which Russell Crowe will play the main role, is being prepared for release. The film about a real-life priest, Father Gabriel Amorth, who performed over 100,000 exorcisms for the Vatican. The film was rated “R” for “violent content, profanity, sexual references and some nudity”.


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Photos leaked to the press show Russell Crowe looking convincing as the priest exorcist. His image fits perfectly into the scene so everyone who thought that he needed to lose weight will take their words back 🙂 But Zoe Saldana won’t agree with them, because the actress keeps the weight that she had in her youth.

Russell Crowe in the film

What about Russell Crowe, he looks his age but his new roles suit him. Now the actor does not need to spend days in the gym preparing for the roles of muscular gladiators. He is good the way he is, and his young girlfriend is surely agree with us.

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