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Taylor Swift: Worth-While Peculiarities and Facts about her Life

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous, young, and talented country and pop songwriters. Her music is widely known all over the world. More than that, in just a few years the audience of her fans has reached millions of numbers. What matters here is that she is extremely attractive. Nevertheless, her fans appreciate the singer for her unsurpassed talent, which is confirmed by plenty of awards and nominations.

The work of this girl is full of lively emotions. In her poems and songs, she tells only what she experienced herself. Therefore, the public’s appreciation and interest in her songs are so great. The charming blonde won the hearts of lots of young singers and actors. However, the key to her heart does not yet belong to anyone. Numerous facts about the life and work of the singer will tell an interesting story of the rise of a star.

Who and What Is Taylor Swift?

taylor swift naked

The girl was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA. The full name of the singer is Taylor Alison Swift. Her mother chose the name Taylor for her daughter because it is suitable for both a girl and a boy. Friends and fans call Taylor Swift a variety of affectionate nicknames, namely: T-Swift, Swifty, Tay, and Sweezy. Her brother calls her Toffee.

Taylor Swift is the most successful pop singer right now. The 32-year-old celebrity has been releasing albums since she was 16. It comes as no surprise that none of her four-country records was sold less than 6 million copies. Miss Swift writes her songs about an outsider girl who does not wear high heels. Instead, the girl wears comfortable sneakers like Nicki Minaj. She does not try to make everyone around her fall in love with her body and thinks more about college than about boys. Songs about love and parting performed by Swift sound as innocent as possible. She is the true “America’s sweetheart”.

Taylor Swift No Makeup

taylor swift no makeup

It should be noted that the singer without makeup looks more natural. It’s no secret that all the stars carefully monitor how they look when they go out in public. When some of them suddenly get in the photo of the paparazzi without makeup, it becomes a real shock for girls and guys who are used to seeing stars exclusively on the pages of glossy magazines.

Speaking about Taylor Swift no makeup, one can admit that without makeup, she looks no worse than with it. Persistent photographers managed to catch the woman in everyday situations without makeup several times. According to her fans, the singer without makeup looks much fresher and younger. Many agreed that appearing on the red carpet, Taylor looks much older than her years. This is facilitated by bright makeup, emphasizing the beautiful cut of the eyes and elegant outfits beyond the years.

Taylor Swift’s Appearance

taylor swift apperance

The singer is a blue-eyed blonde with model parameters. She has stated in various interviews that she is 5 feet 11 inches tall. When she puts on shoes with high heels, Taylor Swift height exceeds 5 feet 91 inches. Not to be taller than her gentlemen, Taylor prefers to wear cowboy boots. This wardrobe attribute fits her image of a country performer.

Moreover, the weight of the singer ranges from 110 to 130 pounds. In photographs of different years, her physique is slightly different. So, in 2011, Taylor had a slightly rounded shape. In 2014 her body became leaner. Apparently, with age, she lost a few pounds.

In 2014, Taylor performed at the underwear show of a famous brand. The singer not only performed her hits but also demonstrated clothes. At first, she wore a short translucent silk dress with an elongated hem. Then, she put on a black set with lace. After the show ended, Taylor has unofficially declared an “honorary Angel”.

Taylor Swift’s Naked Photos

taylor swift naked photos

Although none of her outfits can be called frank or super-sexual, the paparazzi still managed to take some candid photos, which depicted Taylor Swift naked. While the famous woman was sunbathing on the beach in an extremely revealing bikini, the paparazzi did not sleep. The journalists took hot shots for the singer’s fans.

In addition, the charming singer often posts erotic photos in swimsuits on her Instagram. For instance, the famous country singer often shares her photos in seductive swimsuits on social networks. The girl often poses in naughty retro bikinis, as well as a sexy striped one-piece swimsuit with cute ruffles. Many of her fans still crave more intimate shots of Taylor completely naked on the pages of the cult Maxim or Playboy magazines.

Taylor Swift Earnings

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Taylor Swift is glorious by her high income from album sales. By 2015, she had sold 40 million albums worldwide. By the way, Forbes magazine placed her in second place on the list of the highest-paid female singers of the year. In 2016, Taylor Swift has named the highest-paid celebrity with $170 million.

At the end of 2018, America’s sweetheart took the second place in the ranking of the highest-paid singers of Forbes magazine. She earned $80 million. In 2019, the singer again became the highest-paid woman in the music industry according to Forbes. She earned $185 million, mostly from her Reputation Stadium Tour.

@taylorswift Burnin’ it down 🔥 #wildestdreamstaylorsversion #slowzoomeffect #swifttok ♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

The singer has a penthouse in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood with Kim Kardashian, a three-bedroom cottage in Beverly Hills, California, and a penthouse in Nashville. Taylor Swift also owns an eight-bedroom house in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Interesting Facts

some facts about singer

It is interesting to note that Taylor considers the number “13” lucky for herself. The thing is that she was born on December 13th, she turned 13 on Friday the 13th, her debut album went gold in 13 weeks, and every time she received a prestigious award, she sat in the 13th row, on the 13th place, or in the 13th section.

In addition to her musical talents, Swift draws well. So, at the age of 12, she wrote a 350-page novel. Nevertheless, the work was never published.

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She is an avid fan of Law & Order, CSI, and Friends. The obsession with the Grey’s Anatomy series led to the fact that after the death of Danny’s character, the woman cried for several days. She wants to name her daughter Izzy.


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Her refrigerator must contain eggs, orange juice, slices of ham, chicken, Parmesan cheese, and dough pieces in the form of small cookies or tubes. On busy tour days, she has scrambled eggs with sausages, orange juice, and biscuits for breakfast.

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