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Traci Braxton weight loss: the shocking truth about the death of the actress

The star of the reality show Braxton Family Values died in March this year. Before the tragedy she had lost a lot of weight and looked haggard. When she appeared at her son’s wedding, the guests barely recognized her. 50-year-old Traci Braxton looked 30 pounds lighter. Unfortunately, fans did not appreciate the new appearance of the actress and suspected the disease. And they were right because Traci Braxton weight loss happened due to a cruel disease.

Traci Braxton weight loss

Why did Traci Braxton lose weight?

For a long time, Traci Braxton struggled with being overweight. Her attempts to lose weight did not lead to significant results. The actress and TV presenter did not think that extra pounds were bothering her. But one day her sisters noticed that Tracy was rapidly gaining weight. The actress herself said that “really wanted to punch them in the face”. But when the celebrity got diabetes and hypertension, she realized that her family was right.

Traci Braxton after weight loss

The singer decided to change her eating habits and pay attention to her health. This brought results and indeed the weight began to decline. But the fatal disease didn’t give her chance to live in a new body.

Braxton after losing weight

What happened to Traci Braxton

Unfortunately, Traci Braxton weight loss happened not only due to diet, but also due to a serious illness. The singer suffered from esophageal cancer that made her lose pounds too fast. Her followers on Instagram turned out to be right, believing that the singer is hiding the disease.

Traci Braxton smiling

Indeed, Braxton did not want to draw attention to her health problems. She wanted to fight cancer on her own. But she had to appear at her son’s wedding, where everyone saw her transformation. And everyone saw that her beautiful figure turned out to be the result of horrible events in her life. Some people thought the same about Paul Giamatti who changed his look after quarantine.

Traci Braxton with her family

Mother, sisters, husband and son supported Traci in her fight against cancer. One year she struggled with a cruel disease, but could not defeat it. But on the other hand, Braxton managed to attend the wedding of her only son, which became her consolation.

Braxton at her kitchen

Traci Braxton weight loss: what you should know

The example of Traci Braxton weight loss shows that the state of health is always reflected in the body. The actress sought to overcome diabetes, but got cancer. You know such diseases cannot be predicted. But it is important to start treatment on time. For example, Billy Gardel managed to overcome diabetes with the help of bariatric surgery.

We will remember Traci Braxton as the actress of the reality show about her family, as well as the movie Sinners Wanted. And her hit song Last Call will always sound in our hearts.


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Traci Braxton was only 50 and she left behind beloved husband and son. She also had four sisters, who began a musical career together with her. The sisters advised Tracy to pay attention to health and helped her to struggle with disease. It is a pity that the disease could not be overcome. Now we know what the cause of Traci Braxton weight loss was. She left for ever alive in our memory.

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