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How to be a good kisser in 2023?

How good is kissing? This question worries everyone, regardless of gender. After all, a kiss is one of the wonderful ways to show your love.

People started kissing more than 3,500 years ago. Giving this action a romantic and spiritual meaning. A peculiar touch not only of bodies, but also of souls.
And everyone wants his kisses to cause only pleasant sensations. After all, even if the relationship ends for some reason. It’s always better to leave pleasant memories about yourself.

A kiss can be timid, light, on the cheek, neck, next to the lips. Or passionate, expressing not only affection but sexual attraction.

Where to start?

where is start begins for a good kisser

Of course, the most important thing is personal hygiene. How good is it to kiss if you don’t smell very good? No garlic sauce or other pungent-smelling foods. A fresh and attractive fragrance should come from you, so that the partner does not want to escape even before the kisses. Chewing gum will not be superfluous. As well as the use of deodorant and not too harsh perfume.

Owners of hard bristles on the face, it is worth considering that it easily scratches the skin and delivers a lot of unpleasant sensations.
When kissing, a large amount of saliva should not be released. The salivary glands start working a little harder when we kiss, keep this in mind.
Girls should not apply sticky lipstick, with a huge amount of glitter. After all, it will be not only on the partner, but also on your cheeks.
With all this, do not lose confidence in any case. Relaxation, looseness, sensuality, this is what makes a kiss wonderful.

How to make a kiss unforgettable.

unforgettable kiss

First of all, it should be comfortable. Not everyone likes to kiss in places where they can be seen doing it.
Perhaps you know about some nice, cozy place that your partner would like to visit. It will be romantic and cute.
The transition from a conversation to a kiss should be smooth. Talk about something that brings you closer. Common themes always help to remove the awkwardness. Just don’t discuss the latest gossip, it negates the beauty of the moment.
Remember that it is inappropriate to snuggle too aggressively during the first kiss. Another thing is a long-term relationship.
After the kiss is over, say something nice. It can be a compliment or a confirmation of feelings. The main thing is that it was appropriate and did not go.

How to kiss well using kissing techniques.

why I love you

Despite the fact that there are countless kissing techniques, they can all be reduced to the basic five. The rest are just combinations of these techniques. You will easily and happily create from yourself.
The stinging technique of the French kiss. While kissing your lips, quickly swipe the tip of your tongue between your partner’s lips several times. The tip should not be soft.
With the incendiary technique, it is worth paying special attention to licking the partner’s lips with the tongue. All movements are gentle, gradual.
Using the Mill technique, you use close contact. Languages meet, and seem to move in a circle.
The Royal technique is also interesting. This is a tongue kiss, in which the tongue is gently passed over the teeth and the inside of the lips.
Exquisite technique, tongue movements are not too strong, neat, as if you are stroking your partner’s palate.
The correct use of these techniques, their alternation, will absolutely make kissing pleasant. But, do not forget that it is not technology that makes kisses truly unforgettable. Sincerity, the desire to feel a partner, to show your desire, all these are necessary conditions for good kisses.

Correct transition

lessons how to kiss well

In order for people to want to kiss you, first of all it is necessary to establish a social contact. Take care of your partner, make cute surprises, spend time together, say compliments.
Before kissing, you need to look into the eyes. Stroke your cheek, hair or neck to see if you are exactly on the same wavelength. There should be a lot of accidental touches, because if they are not pleasant, then it is definitely not worth kissing.
Do not make sudden movements, and try to correctly assess the created atmosphere. If they react calmly and gently to your approach, everything goes as it should. When responding to a light kiss, you can switch to French, alternate them.
From the French, you can move on to the technique passionately. But only if the shyness barrier is already missing. These kisses are not for public places, they involve close enough physical contact. They are accompanied not just by light touches, but by more intimate caresses. Let go of your instincts, they will give you what the best technique will not give-an all-consuming passion.


practise in kissings

How to kiss well depends not only on knowledge, but also on involvement in the process. But, of course, the constant is important in everything practice. And yet, at the moment you may not have feelings for anyone or is in search. It will not do any harm to your knowledge, it is always better to practice with someone who is really pleasant.

Kissing well is not only pleasant, but also useful.

Scientists have long proved that couples who often and with pleasure kiss each other, are synchronized in a peculiar way. They begin to understand each other better and quarrel less.

After active kisses, hormones of happiness and euphoria splash into the blood. Stress is reduced. General well-being improves, there is no headache or depression.

Kissing well and with feeling is something that everyone needs.

How to kiss well, it is quite possible to understand from articles, video lessons and various topics on the Internet. But do not forget that only mutual feelings make real kisses.

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